Remote Insurance Services
Based in the US

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CSR Service Center

VIP frees your staff to focus on revenue-producing interactions while we handle daily CSR functions.


Carrier Requests

VIP can manage carrier requests so your company can focus on cross-selling, account rounding, and growing your agency.


Back-Office Processes

Increase your operational efficiency and reduce labor costs by handing over the back-office work to our US-based VIPs.


Cross-Sell Data

Let us help you identify cross-selling opportunities for your agency with our V-CSRs, who can collect underwriting information to help you with lead generation.

Focus on Your Next Opportunity

Today’s tight labor market and the high cost of recruiting and retaining talent, combined with the need to meet and exceed customer expectations, make it difficult for account managers and executives to focus on business expansion, client account development, new industry segments, and new marketing solutions. VIP gives you the talent and time your agency requires to compete on a level playing field and grow your agency.


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