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Rethink Where Work Is Done

Virtual Insurance Pro (VIP) enables your agency to focus on retaining top talent – producers and customer representatives for new business development and client-facing opportunities while we focus on servicing and back-office operations. With VIP, you’ll boost employee morale because they’ll have the time to focus on their core competencies, enhance the customer experience with responsive servicing from our team, and improve agency productivity.

What We Do Best

By utilizing our V-CSR services, you can realign your internal workflow so your agency staff goes from focusing on non-revenue interactions and tasks to zooming in on agency growth. Our services include the following:

1 Step

Identify Agency Needs

  • Client Call Support
  • Servicing
  • Transaction Processes
2 Step

Determine Your Volume Needs

  • Specific Business Lines
3 Step

Provide Solution
/Staffing Needs

4 Step

Review VIP/Agency Workflow, Establish Metrics

5 Step

Set Up Access to Your Agency Management System, Database & Any Other Third-Party System

  • Establish an Agency Email Address
  • Carrier Login Access /Information

Focus on Your Next Opportunity

Today’s tight labor market and the high cost of recruiting and retaining talent, combined with the need to meet and exceed customer expectations, make it difficult for account managers and executives to focus on business expansion, client account development, new industry segments, and new marketing solutions. VIP gives you the talent and time your agency requires to compete on a level playing field and grow your agency.


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