SIAA Members:

How VIP works with Independent Insurance Agencies – Eastern & Central

  • We provide Customized “Your Way” Client Responsive Services
  • We are an Extension of your agency service staff; especially critical during high volume periods or when you experience staff disruption
  • We Eliminate the “I can’t get to that” excuse – We handle the routine transactions, so your in-house staff can focus on client relationships, retention, account development, and new business opportunities



We have experienced, licensed, and agency-trained Virtual Customer Service Representatives!

Our Core Hours:

9-5 Monday – Friday

Our V-CSRs become your “Service Team Members.”
Let Your Staff Do What They Do Best, and let VIP Do The Rest!

Please contact Norma Milne.




Focus on Your Next Opportunity

Today’s tight labor market and the high cost of recruiting and retaining talent, combined with the need to meet and exceed customer expectations, make it difficult for account managers and executives to focus on business expansion, client account development, new industry segments, and new marketing solutions. VIP gives you the talent and time your agency requires to compete on a level playing field and grow your agency.


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